React is Facebook’s open source declarative, high-performance, scalable JavaScript framework. Its original purpose is to efficiently build UI interfaces, of course, it has now been sublimated into a more complete Web App solution.

Let’s take a look at React’s official website to explain its own characteristics

Declarative (Let’s translate into declarative)

  • React can easily create interactive UI elements, and each state in the application corresponds to a simple view. When data changes, React will efficiently update and render the corresponding components.

  • Declarative makes our code execution predictable and easy to debug.


  • React helps us encapsulate components, each component manages its own state, and through these encapsulated components, you can build a more responsible UI interface.

  • The logic of the component is written in JavaScript, not a template, so we can easily transfer complex data in the application, and keep the state and DOM separated.

Learn Once, Write Anywhere (Keep English original)

  • React does not make any assumptions about the learner’s technology stack. We can develop new features with React without rewriting existing code.

  • React can also be implemented on the server side through Node, or you can use React Native to develop mobile applications.

Next, let’s see how to install and use React

  • If you are developing a Yarn / NPM-based application development method (this method is recommended)

Just add the dependencies category in your project’s package.json configuration:

"react": "^16.0.0",

And through the following command line, and can automatically install react as a dependency framework

npm install
yarn install

Of course, in this world of knowledge sharing and open source, it is recommended to make good use of collective wisdom. We recommend using some React application scaffolding. What is scaffolding is similar to building scaffolding around a house. It is convenient to build applications. Develop application content. Of course, after using it well, you also need to learn the essence of the scaffolding principle.

If you need scaffolding, you can search on github, or leave a message to the landlord

Persist in original technology sharing, your support will encourage me to continue to create!