n95 mask material, structure, filtering principle

What is the material, structure and filtering principle of the n95 mask? Let’s take a look

Generally speaking, masks are made of non-woven fabrics. (non-woven fabrics are composed of oriented or random fibers, and the clothes we wear are woven fabrics, knitted or woven regularly.)

Specific to the raw material is Polypropylene (PolyPropylene, PP), and medical protective masks, n95 masks are generally multi-layer structure, also called SMS structure :
Non-woven fabric
As shown, there are 3 layers of structure, SMS (2 S layers, 1 M layer), and some masks even have 5 layers of SMMMS (2 S layers, 3 M layers)

S stands for Spunbond and has a diameter of about 20 μm. Its main function is to support the mask structure and has little effect on the barrier.

M stands for barrier layer or meltblown layer. This is the most important structure of the mask. The diameter is about 2μm. This plays the most important role in blocking bacterial virus and blood penetration.
(About the concept of μm, the diameter of human hair is generally 73μm, so the concepts of 20μm and 2μm can be compared with your hair)

If there are too many S layers, the mask will be hard, and if there are too many meltblown layers, breathing may be difficult. Of course, the protective effect is also the best. If there are too few meltblown layers, breathing is smooth, but the protective effect is poor , So this involves the issue of balanced selection

Let ’s take a look at the barrier effect

When the fibers of our meltblown layer are thinner, the effect of blocking bacteria and viruses is better, and the materials used to make non-woven fabrics have a great effect on the protective effect.

Therefore, n95 is a SMMMS 5-layer mask made of polypropylene non-woven fabric with a filtration efficiency of at least 95%

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For more information on n95 mask standards, filtering capacity, and manufacturing company information, see National Production Standard for n95 masks
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