Listed companies and brands producing ventilator

What are the listed companies that produce ventilators?

We obtained from the official website of the State Drug Administration:


There are 157 kinds of domestic ventilator brands, such as

  • Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Sirid Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Yi’an Medical System Co., Ltd.

Wait, after all, big brands have

  • ResMed ventilator
  • Philips Wellcome ventilator
  • Fisher Parker ventilator
  • Dräger ventilator
  • McCow Ventilator
  • DeBest ventilator

Wait, but found that most of them are foreign brands, we are only the role of foundry or sales trade, I hope there will be more of our own big brands in the future

And there are 99 kinds of imported ventilator brands.
Imported ventilator

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